E-Bike Information


Battery: All of our E-Bikes come equipped with a Lithium battery generally attached parallel to the seat post. The battery is approximately the size of an adult forearm in length and a bit thinker around. The majority of the batteries/ motors we will use is the 500 W. With our smart charger, no larger than an older laptop or Xbox charger, you can plug into either 110V or 220 V outlets. What’s the difference? 110V The common power in your house. You would use this for your TV, Microwave, or any other small appliance. The charge time for the 110V from empty is Approx. 6 Hrs. 220V This Voltage is used for outlets such as your Stove, or Dryer. The charge time for 220V is 3Hrs. To enquire about having an easy to access 220V outlet installed please speak to your local electrical contractor. 

Fenders: Fenders are the plastic bits that partially cover the tops of the wheels to protect you from mud, dirt, rocks, water, and other debris from being flung at you by the tires.

Carry rack: Located on the read of the bicycle, over the rear fender, designed so you can strap the things you want to carry to it!

Peddle Assist: For those of you that enjoy that bike feeling! When the bicycle senses that you are peddling the motor will kick on providing you with a boost. All of our bikes have different levels of peddle assist and are fully customizable to your preferences. Want a harder challenge have less assist, for less of a challenge, or on hills turn up your peddle assist to breeze up the slope!

Throttle Control: For those of you who like to go fast, but don’t want to peddle hard. The throttle is located on the handle bars, the location differs from model to model, and controls how fast the engine propels you without peddling. That is correct with the 500W motor even steep hills require no peddling! Do I plan on testing the steepest hills in the lower-mainland and reporting back, of course! Follow our newsletter for the details!

Full front suspension: I like my front teeth attached and you probably do too. The front suspension is what absorbs the shock that your front tire takes when you hit rocks, bumps, cracks, or over debris so you don’t have to book a trip to the dentist any time sooner.

  • Bike Rear Infograph

    Rear Bike Parts

    A- The Battery, standard, pictured with keys in the ignition.

    B- Rear carry rack, standard on all Bill-E-Bikes

    C- Rear Fender, standard, designed to protect you from debris that may be spun up by the tires.

    D- Kickstand, standard on all Bill-E-Bikes