E-Bikes Victoria

20" Foldable Fat Tire E-Bike

It’s everything you know about bicycles with a twist. Introducing fold-able E-Bikes. Available with 20” Tires. Why are the folding E-Bikes our favorite? We live in the Vancouver and Victoria Areas and there isn’t a whole lot of space to leave bicycles hanging around, so why not have one you can fold down and tuck away. The other greatest benefit of the folding E-Bike is its ease of transport. As long as you have a space a bit bigger than the tires stacked on one-another you can take your E-Bike just about anywhere! Small wheels allow you to wheel your folded bike along with you in areas you cannot have it expanded. Also no carrier required. When folded your E-Bike is small enough to fit in the trunk or back seat of your car, or truck. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a bike rack when you can fold it up and take it away.

20 INCH TIRES; A more compact version great for better handling or if you have less space. Available in regular and fat tire. The fat tire version is known as the “Snow Bike” as it is even able to operate in snow. Available with a Straight or U bar. Available in regular and folding

Straight Bar: The most standard look for a bicycle. Referring to the shape of the bar between the handle bars and seat. 
U Bar: Curves from the handle bars to the peddles, in a half U like shape. Designed to allow people with small legs, bad knees, or hips, or ladies wearing dresses an easier time stepping over the bar to sit on the bicycle.

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